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Low Care – Aged Care Planning

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Aged care planning must be at the forefront of people’s mind as the percentage of population above 65 years of age grows every year. Based on the level of care viz. low care or, high care the choice of aged care facility and the budget varies accordingly. Discussing aged care planning cab e difficult and daunting however planning ahead is crucial. Earlier one can start thinking about aged care planning the better. There are two main options of age care viz. community based aged care and residential aged care. In case of community based care,...

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Aged Care Sydney – Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

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With heatwaves experienced in parts of Australia, it is important to stay cool in aged care Sydney facilities. First and foremost, the elderly resident must stay indoors and drink plenty of fluids. Use of air conditioning or fans in an aged care Sydney facility would ensure that one stays cool. Store water in the fridge and wear light and loose fitting clothes to stay cool this summer. People who are aged above 65 years are at an increased risk of heat related illness and thereby require special care in an aged care Sydney facility. There are...

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High Care – Choosing The Right Aged Care Facility

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We all want the very best for our loved ones which means we must choose the right aged care facility for them as well. At times it mayn’t be in the best interests of your elderly loved ones to stay living in their own homes. There are different type of care options available, however one must choose based on the requirement of your aged loved one. The aged care sector is changing rapidly and there are more facilities available which can provide home like environment with a focus on individual needs. First and foremost one must know the...

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