Age Care Service Providers

General Practitioner

Residential gardens have currently been serviced by three General Practitioners who attend the hostel. The General Practitioners team ensure all medical needs are covered with regular reviews and evaluations. They are all members of Residential Gardens Medical Advisory Committee.


Provides regular medication audits to ensure compliance with government regulations and liaise with the pharmacy regarding issues with medications as well as giving them advise and recommendations. Meditrax also provides education to staff in different topics regarding Medication Management in aged care facilities. They provide helpful advice and recommendations when requested and report to General practitioners with recommendations. Meditrax participates in Case Management with the General Practitioners and are members of the Residential Gardens Medical Advisory Committee.

Elias Pharmacy

Provides Residential Gardens with regular medication audits, supply & delivery of all medications and participate as members of Residential Gardens Medical Advisory Committee.


Sanicare are Residential Gardens’ suppliers, provide education to staff, monitor usage and costs and provide recommendations on different incontinence issues.

Bliss Care

Bliss Care is Residential Gardens’ first choice in physiotherapy services for residents. The organisation provides physiotherapy assessments and treatments to residents, runs the pain clinic and provides education to staff.

Australian Mobile Dental

AMD assesses and treats residents on a yearly basis or as requested – providing a team of dentists who comes to the facility to see clients on site and facilitating their families to ensure oral care is followed and compliant as per requirements.


Our dieticians assess and review residents . They give recommendations on specific dietary requirements based on individual needs and review the menus.


The podiatrist provides foot-care services

Hearing Australia

Hearing Australia provides residents with assessments, hearing tests and reviews on site.

Austech Pathology

Austech Pathology provides Residential Gardens with pathology services on-site including electrocardiogram tests.

Bug Control

Bug Control provides Residential Gardens with infection control audits, support and education
Residential Gardens is accredited by the Aged Care Standards & Accreditation Agency