Residential Gardens Activities Program

At Residential Gardens, your privacy and preferences come first, and we're committed to providing exceptional care that meets your needs.

We are available to assist you in your freedom of choice of activities and life interests that will promote optimal enjoyment throughout your stay. Residential Gardens is committed to recognising and respecting the cultural diversity of our residents. Our aim is to provide the best care possible, taking into consideration the cultural and linguistic needs of our residents. Residents are able to practice their religious, personal and cultural customs with the support of the Aged Care Facility staff.

Activity Calendar

Residential Gardens has a varied social activities calendar.

2 Activities officers assist residents with their activities. The level of participation is up to residents wish and they are encouraged to daily participate in the hostel’s program.

Religious Requirements

Residential Gardens has arrangements in place for all religious requirements

Catholic mass is organized monthly with weekly visits from churches representatives every month and visits for pastors from other religions welcomes everybody and is sensitive and accommodating to all cultural needs, working with the local community to have arrangements in place for all religious requirements.

Leisure and Lifestyle

Our range of leisure and lifestyle programs is designed to encourage participation

Participation and engagements of all our residents, there are also activities on site such as arts and crafts, bingo and exercise classes arranged by our leisure and lifestyle team members.

Residential Gardens is accredited by the Aged Care Standards & Accreditation Agency