Residential Gardens strategic plan outlines the following objectives:

  1. Management of resident care:
    • We aim to provide a customer-focused model of care delivery.
  1. Management of the workforce:
    • We aim to provide our workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge within a supportive framework, so that excellence of care is achieved.
  1. Management of policies, procedures, and practices:
    • We aim to develop policies, procedures and practices that are continually reviewed, revised, and updated to meet changing regulatory, industry, and community standards.
    • We aim to continuously improve all areas of service delivery, through benchmarking, developing and implementing best practice models.
  1. Management of finances:
    • We aim to develop and provide systems that ensure financial viability for the organization.
  1. Management of building and maintenance works:
    • We aim to provide a physical environment that is safe, supportive, and comfortable and that meets regulatory requirements.