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High Care – Safety proofing the bathroom for your loved one

Posted by on Dec 12, 2016 in Aged care nursing homes | 0 comments

Elderly residents receiving high care facilities are twice as likely to suffer nonfatal injuries in a bathroom when compared to an average person. Hence, for residents receiving high care facilities, one must start with safety proofing the bathroom. There are few important tips which can help in making the bathroom safer for seniors. Installation of grab bars in a bathroom will help the seniors to anchor themselves when climbing in and out of the tub. Use solid screws and test its strength and durability. Wet floors can be very dangerous and hence one must install non-slip decals in the...

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Aged Care Nursing Homes – Know about the Admission Process

Posted by on Nov 12, 2013 in agecare, Aged care nursing homes, residential aged care | 0 comments

The moment you feel that your loved one needs to move into an ag ed care nursing home, you need to start looking for the best nursing home with all facilities and infrastructure which can guarantee the best possible care and support. Aged Care Nursing Homes are committed to provide the highest standards of excellence in holistic care. At Residential Gardens, our focus lies in providing personal attention are care for every resident. We work together on a philosophy centred on bringing residents belonging to culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds together. There are definite steps...

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High care facilities – Nursing homes for Aged Care

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In general, there are two levels of residential care services for aged care wherein older people need extra care and assistance. Officially known as the low level residential care and high level residential care, these facilities are widely referred to as hostels and nursing homes respectively. In order to be eligible for high care facilities, one needs to go through an Aged Care Assessment Team or ACAT. They are generally comprised of doctors, nurses, social workers etc. Residents who need continuous nursing care and with greater frailty receive high care services. High care facilities...

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