Second wave of COVID causing concern for aged care nursing homes in Sydney

Due to a re-emergence of COVID in Australia clusters have begun to expand across Sydney and its outer suburbs. Many properties and venues have been forced to shut down due to small outbreaks of infected guests entering the property. Many of these guests are known to have recently traveled from Victoria where daily new cases have risen to 240+.

Among those properties closed is an aged care nursing home in Sydney “Prestons lodge Aged-Care“. This outbreak has those involved in the aged care nursing home industry at worry as it suggests that tighter restrictions should be implemented and might be forced upon by the government. Restrictions on visitors and the frequency of visits made by loved ones were made however many aged care nursing homes in Sydney have eased these restrictions and have increasingly been allowing more guests to visit.

Additionally, Health Minister Greg Hunt has demonstrated NSW government support for aged care nursing homes with a much-needed provision of 500,000 face masks for facilities in Sydney’s Western suburbs to counter the issue of increasing demand and lack of supply of face masks around the world currently.

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