Evolving COVID Guidelines for Aged Care Facilities

The continually evolving COVID 19 health crisis in New South Wales requires the government to regularly update guidelines to ensure community safety. In recent weeks, several active clusters of the virus have emerged in southwest Sydney and as a result, new guidelines have been issued to aged care nursing homes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Guidelines for visitors to aged care nursing homes include:

  • Limiting visits to two (2) people.
  • Practicing social distancing by keeping 1.5 metres apart.
  • Ensuring up to date influenza vaccination.
  • Self-isolating at home for 14 days after contact with a known case or cluster.

Additionally, residential aged care facilities in Sydney and greater NSW such as Residential Gardens at Rooty Hill are advised to conduct visits in resident’s rooms instead of communal areas in an attempt to prevent possible virus transmissions. Following all of the guidelines set out by NSW Health is vital to ensuring the health and safety of residents and their loved ones. Any community member who has had contact with a case or demonstrates symptoms is urged to immediately isolate and seek testing.

Residents and their families can contact the Older Australians COVID-19 Support Line at 1800 171 866 with any queries or concerns or contact Residential Gardens.

Residential Gardens is accredited by the Aged Care Standards & Accreditation Agency