Your Lifestyle in a Retirement Resort

Once you realize and start thinking that your current home doesn’t suit your lifestyle as much as a retirement resort might, you will definitely have a few questions. Moving to a retirement resort can have some doubts in your mind as to whether it will be the correct choice of lifestyle for you or not taking into consideration your health and the environment you will be in.

Often thinking about moving out of your home and selling everything to move to a retirement resort can be difficult both physically and mentally. Adding to that, adjusting to a newer lifestyle can also be difficult to attend to even after knowing the retirement resort specializes in the lifestyle of older residents.

At residential gardens, we know adjusting to a new place isn’t easy and we make sure our residents are comfortable with their lifestyles. Our retirement resort offers our residents several service providers including a General Practioner, Elias Pharmacy, a Dietician, and Dental to name a few.

We also ensure they’re making the best out of their lifestyle by offering activity programs to promote enjoyment throughout their stay with the support of Aged care facility staff. Some of our programs include activity calendars, religious activities, and leisure & lifestyle activities including exercising, bingo, and crafting to encourage their engagement.

For more information, call us on (02) 8887 5555 to find out more about what the lifestyle of your loved ones or yours could be like in our retirement resort at Residential Gardens.