Why Good Nutrition is Vital for Seniors

Good nutrition is vital for the body in any residential aged care center and in your daily life as it provides energy and helps the elderly by preventing medical diseases. Eating a balanced and healthy diet ensures the body gets the good nutrients to keep itself well which may include cutting down on carbohydrates and increasing your daily vitamin intake. As you get older, your lifestyle and your eating habits will change affecting their quality of life.

Professionals such as residential aged care workers are aware of the concerns, but individuals would not be aware of these concerns. Often elders lose their appetite, and their bodies absorb fewer nutrients as they age. This can affect their food intake as not all of the nutrients will be absorbed, but only a smaller part of it will be instead. To ensure elders get the most out of their foods, it is best to make sure they are receiving the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI).

A healthy diet can improve the health of your body including your organ, brain, muscle & bone functions, and the immune system. Some of the important nutrition’s elders need to support their body functions include: