When Should You Consider Age Care Nursing Homes?

Making the decision to move a loved one into age care nursing homes will be a highly emotional time for a family. For many, this time brings fears for a loved one’s mortality and can lead to depression or strained family relationships. Choosing residential aged care for a family member is in their best interest when their care requirements and safety can no longer be ensured by families. Aged care workers are highly trained professionals whose sole duty is to ensure a healthy and happy life for your loved one.

One question many people have is when should age care nursing homes be considered? You should think about age care options when:

When a loved one first moves into a residential aged care facility, it is common to feel stress or depression or think you have abandoned them. This is not the case, as seeking professional care can help to ensure their safety and correct care. If you feel overwhelmed or depressed as a caregiver for an elderly loved one, their care may suffer too, which is why age care nursing homes such as Residential Gardens can help.

If you begin experiencing anxiety or depression as a caregiver, or after admitting your loved one to a nursing home, reach out to beyond blue or lifeline.