What Types of Fees Will You Typically Need to Pay Towards Aged Care Home Costs?

As mentioned earlier, the number of senior citizens in Australia is constantly on the rise. Not all people are fortunate to have elderly family members who can function unassisted or with minimal levels of help. In some households, looking after the elderly family members can be a complex matter. Some family members grapple with their guilt at being unable to provide the desired levels of support. Others feel that they are abandoning their loved ones by sending them into residential facilities, even if they make life as comfortable as possible for the elderly. In some cases, you might be able to get by with basic levels of in-home care. But, beyond a point, even this will not be able to make much of a difference. In this scenario, the only recourse available lies in finding a comfortable aged care facility for your ageing family member.

However, you cannot just look for an aged care facility and complete the formalities. First, you will need to go through an eligibility check. The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will typically check your eligibility. Thereafter, you’ll need to submit the Income and Assets form. After submitting this, you might need to pay the following expenses:

–        The Basic Daily Fee: This fee typically covers everyday living costs. It includes the charges for meals, power and laundry. In some cases, the elderly only need to pay this fee.

–        The Means-Tested Care Fee: The authorities might expect certain individuals to pay an additional contribution. This fee goes towards the cost of care that the person might require. The Department of Human Services will check whether you need to pay this. They will typically assess this based on the information submitted in the Income and Assets form. If they find that you do need to pay this fee, they will notify you of the amount payable.

–        The Accommodation Fee: This fee goes towards the accommodation of the elderly person in the facility. The Australian Government usually meets accommodation expenses in full or in part in many cases. Thereafter, you will need to pay the accommodation price agreed upon by the aged care facility. Again, it is worth mentioning that the Department of Human Services will advise you of which situation applies to you. They will typically assess this based on the information submitted in the Income and Assets form.

–        The Additional Optional Services Fee: You might wish to select a higher standard of accommodation at the facility. Or, you might wish to avail of certain additional services. For instance, you might wish to avail of high care services in an aged care home in Rooty Hill or another place. Either of these will necessitate the payment of additional fees. These fees will vary from one aged care facility to another.