What to Do When Visiting Grandparents

Before you visit your grandparents residing in an aged care nursing home in Sydney, it’s important to take into consideration some details about your visit. Aside from when and how long the visit will be, you should also consider what you will be doing while you’re there. Although paying them a visit is nice, it would be better if you have some sort of activities lined up while you’re in the facility.

For instance, if there’s an occasions or a celebration, consider bringing the party to them. Even though your grandparents are now living in a facility that offers aged care in Sydney, it is still important to include them in any celebration or event that is significant to the whole family, whether that be a birthday, an anniversary or even graduation. And you don’t have to plan an elaborate party at all. More often than not, bringing a cake or some foods (you can throw in some balloons as well) is more than enough for a typical celebration. Also, you can talk to the staff or some of their closest peers in the facility and see how they can help. If you want a more private and formal celebration, then most facilities can also help by providing catered lunches and dinners.

But what if there’s nothing to celebrate you may ask. Well, you don’t need an occasion to visit your grandparents, and there are many other things you can do when you visit them. One good activity would be to simply talk and reminisce together. Ask them questions about their past and let them relive their memories of their younger days, including the ones when you weren’t born yet. You can also bring an old photo album of theirs and ask them to tell stories about those pictures. Or you can also bring your own album and then you can tell them the story behind each of your pictures. If you don’t have photo albums, you can start a conversation about any topics that you know they like, like old songs and movies for example. There’s a lot of things that you can talk about, and you might be surprised at how fast the time seems to fly when your grandma or grandad starts telling stories.

If you can’t think of any activity, then consider joining them in their programs. There are many residential aged care facilities that allow guests to join their loved ones in the various programs that they offer. For instance, you can join your grandparents while they’re doing art class or join them in their reading hours. The important thing is that you both enjoy the activity you’re doing. In many cases, you may find the activity interesting and find yourself visiting your loved one more often than you first intended.

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