What Does the Term ‘Residential Aged Care’ Mean?

For the uninitiated, the term ‘residential aged care’ refers to an arrangement whereby older people start living in an aged care or nursing home. This is especially so because these individuals can no longer live at home for a diverse range of reasons. In many cases, these people might be suffering from illnesses or disabilities. As such, they will not be able to manage various everyday activities without assistance. Their family members might not be at home during the day as well. Therefore, these individuals will not be able to manage without receiving the relevant assistance or support. In some cases, a bereavement or an emergency might necessitate the movement of the aged family member to move to an aged care facility.

As mentioned earlier, many people feel a sense of guilt over having to move a loved family member into an aged care facility. For many people, this is an extreme step. In many cases, the elderly person might have provided the love, care and support that you needed as a child. So, to find that you’re not able to reciprocate at the moment of reckoning can induce a feeling of guilt. But, the fact you must consider is that the elderly family member requires care, which you might not be in a position to provide. So, if an accident were to occur at home when you were away, the person might sustain injuries that are more serious in nature. Treating these will invariably cost a considerable sum of money. Even worse, you might blame yourself for not being around to look after the aged family member.

In contrast, you are not abandoning your loved one by settling them down in a reputed aged care home at Rooty Hill or another place. At the facility, they will receive all the attention and care they need. Some people might require heightened levels of care and assistance in doing various routine activities. The staff at these facilities will be able to provide the support they require. Similarly, some people might need enhanced levels of care. This is especially so if they’re suffering from long-term diseases such as diabetes, heart-related diseases etc. The medical staff present at these facilities will easily be able to do the needful. In addition, you can visit your loved ones whenever you have the time. This is nothing less than a win-win proposition for the elderly folk you love as well as for yourself