What Are the Various Steps Involved for Moving Yourself (Or a Loved One) into an Aged Care Nursing Home in Sydney or Elsewhere?

At the outset, it is worth mentioning that moving a loved one (or yourself) into residential aged care is not easy. The change can be highly daunting. Similarly, exploring and identifying the facility that suits your needs best is not easy either. There are numerous options available these days when it comes to aged care homes. You will need to do the appropriate research before you finalise your selection. Different facilities offer diverse kinds of conveniences and services. In addition, their tariffs and prices can be quite confusing. As such, you will need to explore and understand the various financial options available as well. But, moving someone you love into residential aged care can never be a decision that doesn’t involve a gamut of emotions. This only serves to enhance the complexity of the decision. Despite this, you will do well to evaluate various facilities clearly and in a logical manner. This will help you identify the facility that meets your requirements to the ‘T’.

Moving into an aged care facility will typically involve the following steps:

–        Assessing Your Eligibility: Before you can move into an aged care facility, you’ll need to gauge your eligibility. For this, you will require undergoing an assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The results of this assessment will reveal whether you’re eligible for receiving support from the Australian Government for residential aged care.

–        Finding the Appropriate Aged Care Facility: Before you can look around for a good aged care facility, you will need to have the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) check your eligibility. If you’re eligible for residential aged care, you can commence searching for the best facilities. You could look up the Aged Care Home Finder by the Department of Social Service to find facilities in the vicinity. However, not all these facilities might offer the services you need. Therefore, you’ll need to do the appropriate research to find an aged care home that suits you perfectly.

–        Computing the Expenses: The authorities will require you to complete the Income and Assets form. Without this, they could charge you at the highest rate when it comes to accommodation expenses. The authorities have prescribed four types of fees. You will need to pay these based on the information you enter on the Income and Assets form. For making the necessary payments, you could choose from three payment options.

–        Consulting a Financial Advisor: Not all people are experts when it comes to their finances. As such, working out which residential aged care facility offers the best terms and facilities might be challenging. In this scenario, you could consider seeking financial advice. This professional could help you select the option that best suits your situation.