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Age Care – Types of care and Services

There are two primary levels of care within any age care facilities – Low Care and High Care. In addition to these two levels of age care, Residential Gardens offers a range of services catering to individual needs such as Dementia Care, Palliative Care, Community Care and Respite Care. A dedicated team of highly skilled professionals are earmarked to manage the differing combinations of these levels of care.

Age care homes provide varying levels of support ranging from daily tasks and personal care to 24-hour nursing care. Residential aged care can be offered as either permanent or short-term care, referred to as respite care. Let us discuss the various types of care and Services:

  • High Level: This is particularly for people who need 24-hour nursing care. This can be due to serious illness, problems with  mobility, severe dementia-type illness or other behavioural problems. Residential Gardens provides additional care and services as required for residents in High Level facility.
  •  Low Level: People who need minimal assistance and who can walk or move about on their own choose Low level care. This type  of care basically focuses on personal care services, accommodation and laundry.
  • Ageing in Place: Residential Gardens provides both high level and low level care and allows you to stay in one location even if your care needs increase.
  • Palliative Care: Palliative care aims to give the resident the best possible quality of life. This type of care is provided for people having a life threatening illness, with no prospect of a cure.
  • Respite Care: Short term care on a planned or emergency basis.
  • Independent Living Units: Residential Communities for independent older people and regulated by state and territory government.

Residential Gardens believes in offering premium quality aged care services, through effective management by a dedicated professional team.