Visiting Grandparents Tip: Visit at a Good Time

If you lived with your grandparents before they moved into a facility that offers high care in south west (or any region for that matter), you may have grown accustomed to their old routines. But then, you should understand that once they moved into the facility, many of these old habits may have changed. These habits may include, for example, their waking hours and their afternoon nap times. In many facilities, seniors are encouraged to wake up early so that they can join other seniors for breakfast, or they may have exchanged their afternoon naps for painting classes or other programs.

When seniors enter facilities offering aged care in south west, they are provided with access to a variety of programs and activities. As mentioned, they can have painting and art classes, or head off to the gym for some physical rehabilitation and light exercise. They are also allowed to spend hours reading and chatting with other people in the facility or do other kinds of enriching activities that they never had access to before.

In order to avoid ruining their routines, avoid barging into the facility unannounced. This doesn’t mean that you can’t surprise your loved one though, since many elders love surprise visits. You can call ahead and ask about the best time to visit. Talk to the staff of the age care facility and ask what scheduled activities your elder might be doing at your planned time of visit and think if that is a good time to surprise them.

While we’re on the topic of time, you may want to consider cutting your visits to a reasonably short time. This is so that you don’t intrude into their other activities and routines, and at the same time avoid long and vapid visits which usually doesn’t do well for seniors under high care. Do keep in mind that there’s no ideal length for a visit. For the most part, this will depend on the health and energy of the person you’re visiting and how your time together progresses. In general, though, briefer is better. Most people, both guests and residents, are bound to enjoy a half hour of warm connection more than an hour of sitting in awkward silence.

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