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The Recent Reforms Introduced by the Australian Government

With a large chunk of the population ageing, the aged care sector has been getting its fair share of attention from the government. To make aged care in Sydney and other cities more sustainable and affordable, the government introduced certain changes in 2012.

The government formulated the changes in 2012. The first set of changes came into effect on 01 July 2013. Similarly, the second set of changes became effective from 01 July 2014. The changes included:

  • Providing transparent accommodation prices and services, by ensuring that all residential care facility providers publish the maximum amount they can charge towards accommodation and extra services
  • Formulating a new means test in residential aged care that would help in determining a person’s fair contribution to their accommodation and care needs (this would also remain applicable for home care packages)
  • Establishing new capping arrangements to help make the age care system more affordable for consumers and,
  • Eliminating the distinction between high and low care services in the residential age care sector

By implementing these changes, the government hopes to give the ageing people in the country more options in age care. This is especially so when it comes to receiving better levels of service and having easier access to these facilities.