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What is the Process By Which a Person Can Avail of Residential Care Facilities?

When an aged person needs to avail of residential care facilities, you will need to contact the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). The ACAT will conduct a free assessment of the individual’s situation for:

  • Determining whether the person is eligible for a government subsidy towards the costs of residential care and,

Identifying the type of care service the person requires i.e. care respite or other services

Thereafter, the ACAT informs Centrelink. It also gives Centrelink the necessary information about the person’s income and assets. It is worth noting that if Centrelink does not receive the necessary information, it could levy the maximum aged care fees. Then commences the process of selecting the suitable aged care home. You could look at various factors for selecting the best facility including location, costs etc.

Prior to the person moving into the residential care facility, you would need to check various factors including:

  • Whether you can afford the aged care home selected
  • The method of funding care
  • The method of dealing with the family home i.e. lease, sell or keep and,
  • The method of dealing with other investments (if applicable)

After settling these formalities, the aged person could move to the residential aged care facility identified.