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Nursing Homes – Things to note while Choosing a nursing home

Nursing homes are required for your frail loved ones once they require assistance with their daily activities along with nursing care for either an illness, injury or medical condition. So once you have established that you need to look for nursing homes, the next step is to know ways to identify the best nursing home for your loved one. What are the things you can do to help your search?

  •  Visit the nursing home and take feedback directly from the residents to get a true picture of the facilities provided.
  •  Consider the overall environment of the nursing home which shouldn’t be very noisy.
  •  A healthy staff to patient ratio is impertinent for the best care. Nursing homes should ideally provide a staff-patient ratio of one to five. For residents with dementia, you need dedicated caregivers.
  •  Nursing homes should be committed to the highest levels of health and hygiene which means that there shouldn’t be any room for dirt or bad odours.
  •  Visit nursing homes during the meal time to check for the diet provided.
  •  Ask for the activity calendar of the nursing homes.
  •  Experienced staff and trained caregivers are a must for nursing homes to ensure high quality services and best care.