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High Care – Signs and Symptoms of Dementia

People who need more care and assistance because of any medical condition that affects their daily life require High care facilities. Dementia is a medical condition which involves a degradation of a person’s memory requires a tailored care approach. Dementia is definitely not part of the ageing process and may require specialized care and assistance. There are various important signs and symptoms which are usually associated with Dementia.

  • Since this condition affects a person’s cognitive skills, one of the most common symptoms is loss of memory. The patient tends to forget things and event quite often.
  • Dementia patients have a passive attitude to activities and usually tend to withdraw themselves from most things more than normal.
  • Because of the known impact to learning and communication skills, the patient is usually at a loss of words and inadvertently replaces words with incorrect alternatives.
  • Dementia patients who need high care facilities suffer from sudden change in mood and personality. Also they can get unreasonably upset in case their routine is interrupted.

There are definitely several strategies and medical assistance available for conditions like Dementia. One should get enough night’s rest and get required exercise to fight this medical condition. Keeping their health condition in check, one needs to have a good support system. Dementia care normally needs 24 hour nursing care and access to specialized health services like physiotherapy etc. High care involves the same type of services made available with low care but most suitable for people with greater needs of care and assistance.