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Care respite – Ways to take a break from Caregiving

Care respite is a great opportunity for both the carer and the cared person to get a break from their usual life. Available in a variety of settings, care respite is provided for a specified time period. There are different ways to seek break from caregiving as discussed below:

  • Assisted Living care respite: The scheduled time period can range between few days to several weeks where the potential resident can check out whether the provided facilities suit their requirements.
  • Carer’s co-operatives provides an excellent opportunity for carers to seek care respite where they can take turns in managing charges of one another in exchange of some time off.
  • Options for veterans who are taking care of their spouses. There are different care respite programs designed to provide them time off and some help.
  • There are care respite locator services which provides a list of places which offers planned or emergency care respite services.
  • Personal care assistants can offer light housekeeping help and other tasks except medical services. However, the arrangement can provide much needed care respite for the caregiver.