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Age care – Duties and Responsibilities of the Care giver

Care givers play an important role in the age care sector by providing and fulfilling the care needed by the elderly. It is a great responsibility which requires both special attention and proper care. While there are some seniors who are provided age care at home by health care professionals, there are others who shift to nursing homes, rehabilitation centres etc. for age care services.
The duties and responsibilities of the care giver generally includes:

  • In an age care facility, the care giver needs to perform nursing and care activities like vital signs monitoring.
  • Medicine preparation and administration
  • Performing daily errands for the elders
  • Preparing a balanced meal as prescribed by the physician
  • Providing emotional, spiritual, physical, intellectual and social care
  • Maintain a clean, safe and healthy environment

The quality of life offered at any age care facility depends a lot on the available facilities and experience of the care givers.