Training for Residential Aged Care

Aged care Sydney is a vital service for the elderly community, assisting with daily tasks and hygiene where they may have difficulties. Aged care workers span a variety of roles in this industry from residential support workers to registered nurses. As Australia’s population continues to age, there is a growing need for skilled and qualified residential aged care workers all across the country.

Training for work in aged care Sydney varies based on the role. The role of ‘aged care worker’ typically involves general care like assisting with dressing, mobility, and personal hygiene. Qualifications for this position are usually a mixture of on-the-job training and TAFE courses such as Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home, and Community). Further training for managerial or leadership positions includes Certificate IV in Aged Care or Disability.

In a residential aged care home, there will also be nurses and assistants in nursing who will be responsible for most clinical care. A registered nurse must complete a university degree in nursing and be recognised by the nursing and midwifery board of Australia. They may also undertake a master of nursing for a wider range of aged care Sydney skills. Assistants in nursing may be completing a nursing degree or have completed a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance.

There is also a range of other professions that will be involved in aged care Sydney. General practitioners will tend to any illnesses which may arise in residents, and pharmacists will handle any prescriptions and other medication needs. Dietitians will normally work with residential aged care to prepare a healthy diet that complies with any special needs of the residents. All of these will have unique training paths for residential aged care from traineeships to university study.

Residential Gardens’ team of residential aged care workers and nurses are fully trained and qualified and are experts in their fields of care.