Residential Gardens is committed to providing a personalised and flexible care in a safe home-like environment. Choice is the key for the residents as we deliver a trailered approach to their needs while providing care in a confidential matter

The aim of the organization is to give appropriate Aged Care Services and to meet the needs of the individual in the Spanish speaking community.

We acknowledge, respect and value our residents’ differences, while at the same time recognizing their similarities using them as a unifying element to create a bond between them.

We understand at Residential Gardens that the exposure and the contact with people from diverse nationalities enrich us culturally.

Our intention is to achieve a good communication for our residents by eliminating the language barrier; therefore we employ bilingual staff only.

Continuous Improvements

At Residential Gardens, we strive to continuously improve all aspects of the organisation – from the client’s care to corporate strategies – in order to help grow the brand and benefit the residents whose families entrust us with their care. Residential Gardens regularly updates its policies and procedures to ensure they reflect current legislation and maintains industry standards