Choosing the Right Aged Care Home for your loved one

There comes a time when you have to make the difficult decision of moving a loved one to an aged care nursing home where the required care and support can be provided. What you have to remember is that the aged care home is for your loved one and not yourself, hence always put yourself in his or her shoes and decide whether the location and the facilities being provided are suitable for the loved one or not.
Choosing an aged care nursing home in Sydney that suits the needs of your loved one can be a little tricky; however, a checklist of considerations is given below to help you in your search.

•First Impression. When you are looking for a residential aged care facility, make sure that you tour the entire premises and check for general cleanliness and see whether it is warm and inviting. Also see how good or bad the interaction between the residents and staff is.

•Convenience of Location. Is the aged care home in Sydney located in a surrounding that is comforting to your loved one, and is it close to where you live so that your loved one can see the family often?

•Reputation. Speak to the family members of some of the residents of the home and take their reviews. You can also check for reviews about the facility online.

•Quality of Food. Check the menu and see if it suits the needs of your loved one. Also check how often is the menu revised. Are residents’ requests and tastes accommodated? If possible, have a meal with the residents to judge the quality of food.

•Safety Features. Look for the residents’ accessibility to move around the premises. Are call bells, fire safety systems, lockers, etc. available?

•Activities and Lifestyle. Do the residents have structured activities within the premises and also with the community around? Do the residents have Wi-Fi access so that they can connect with their family through Skype, etc?

•Regulations for Residents. Go through the regulations book and check if there is strict timing for the daily routine or do the residents have some flexibility.

•Access to Visitors. How often can the resident have visitors? Are there facilities for a visitor to stay overnight? Are there swings and other activities for visiting children?

•Facilities for Healthcare. How often do doctors, dentists and other health care professionals’ visit? Are there doctors available during after hours?

•Affordability. The most important aspect is affordability of the residential aged care facility in Sydney. What are the payment terms as to the lump sum payment and monthly bills?

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