Retirement resort – Smart Design with the right technology

Technology is being incorporated into every factor of our daily lives and transforming the way we live and we work. Retirement resort cannot remain aloof from technology which is why smart technology is being used to make everyday processes easier and more convenient for elderly residents.

Smart technology can be used in a retirement resort to achieve home automation by using smart lighting solutions, voice prompted thermostats, keypad door locks etc. The smart design must make life convenient and should focus on activities and components used often by elderly residents.

Elderly residents have different needs and challenges hence smart technology must be used to cater to their specific needs. The motor skills degrade with age which makes it quite difficult for our elderly loved ones to do simple tasks like opening doors, using computers and operating the lights. Use of smartphone to control their floor fan and garage doors along with remote activated devices to automatically dial emergency services at the push of a button makes a retirement resort safe, comfortable and reliable.