Respite Care Services – Family Support Programme

Care Respite, alternatively known as the ‘short break’, is care services provided to someone with special needs in order to provide temporary relief to the personal care-giver. The importance of care respite programmes can be easily understood from the following situations:

We do understand that life of a carer is physically and emotional exhausting, which means that regular breaks are important to recharge their batteries and to fight stress and fatigue. This is also applicable for family members who provide dedicated support for someone in need at home, throughout the day. This can also put the carer at risk from health conditions such as anxiety and depression. The type of care respite services required will depend on the person you are taking care of and also on the available respite care services in your area. Care Respite supports and maintains the care giving relationship by providing short term care to an ageing loved one.

Care respite services mainly provides the following benefits such as :

In short, care respite programme provides much needed family support which involves care respite for the elderly in need of extra support and providing a well earned break for the carers.