Care respite – The basics of Respite Care Services

The life of a caregiver is extremely challenging and it is quite difficult to handle it all alone. In order to relieve stress, promote balance in life and restore energy it is important to take care respite or short term breaks. It is important to maintain your own health and seek support in order to manage your role as a caregiver.

Care respite can be managed in two ways i.e. sharing the responsibilities with someone and seeking support for yourself. For appropriate care respite it is important to understand and access your needs before planning for care respite services.
Broadly care respite can be classified as either in home respite or out of home care respite. In case of in home care respite, one can seek personal care or informal family support. One can also seek paid companionship and skilled health assistance. In case of out of home care respite services, one can reach out to caregiver groups and also opt for adult day programs.