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The Fallacies that People Have about Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly

Several of you might have a stereotypical image of a residential aged care facility. The typical images that go through your mind might comprise several aged and infirm people, cooped up in their rooms, for the rest of their lives. Or, it might be of an aged care facility, where the elderly remain in a state of isolation. Neither do they get the chance to interact with the other occupants of the facility. Nor do they get the chance to enjoy any activities, which could serve to relieve the boredom they experience.

Some people might even consider these aged care homes to be nothing other than elaborately constructed medical facilities. Given that the elderly are prone to falling sick more regularly than the young, this might be a natural assumption to have. However, none of these images rings true about the modern aged care homes for the elderly.

What the Elderly Want – and What they Get – in a Contemporary Aged Care Facility

If you reside in Sydney, we suggest that you drop in at any aged care nursing home in Sydney. You would find how things have changed, when it comes to aged care facilities, in contemporary times. The elderly might not be in the pink of health. They might be suffering from various illnesses and ailments. They might require varying levels of care – from low care to high care. However, what they want most of all, is a place that they can call their home. They need a home-like environment, which would give them the care and attention they seek. They need the company of people, who can make them feel good about themselves. This is why many people are no longer averse to the idea of keeping their aged family members and relatives in various aged care facilities in Sydney.

The modern aged care homes for the elderly provide all of these – and more. In fact, residential homes these days provide an important lifeline to their occupants. Some occupants move into the facility after having lived with their family members. Others might move into the facility after having lived in solitude, following the death of their spouses.

Regardless of whichever situation applies in their particular case, the elderly prefer being in an environment, where there is someone to tend to them. This is useful especially for those people, who require assistance in activities like dressing, walking etc. The elderly also require an environment that offers them the comfort of having people around. That too, without having people regularly intruding into their personal space. This is what fosters the feeling of belonging to a real community. Therefore, for people who prefer their solitude, they know that help is not far away, should they need it. Equally, for the more outgoing individuals, belonging to a community of people having similar ages and mindsets can be a boon.

Do the Aged Care Facilities in South Sydney Conduct any Activities for the Elderly?

Many people might think that the occupants of an aged care facility tend to be frail or weak. Therefore, they will remain confined to their rooms. This might be the scenario for invalid residents of an aged care facility. However, many of the residents of these facilities are fit and healthy. Keeping them cooped up indoors would only serve to make them ill.

To address this, many residential aged care facilities have dedicated activities coordinators on their staff. These individuals are responsible for planning and organizing a regular schedule of events, trips and visits to all the local attractions. Sometimes, these individuals will also schedule visits from artists and musicians to the facility. Some residents might not be able to enjoy these activities in the communal areas. Therefore, the coordinators can make the necessary arrangements for these musicians to perform in residents’ bedrooms too.

In addition, several facilities also provide regular trips to the seaside (if it’s nearby). In some cases, the staff help the residents become a part of the local life and culture outside the facility. Here, these elderly residents could involve themselves by attending fetes and other local events, throughout the year.

For the religious minded, the staff will usually arrange for a visit to the nearest place of worship each week. Usually, priests and other parishioners often visit the facility regularly to interact with the residents. In some cases, the residential care home might even have a chapel on the premises.

Many aged care facilities also conduct various recreational activities. However, these are optional in nature. In addition, the staff at these facilities also encourage residents to involve themselves in various other activities like gardening. Thus, the residents of an aged care facility do not just get the care and the attention they seek. They also get to utilize their time in various activities. This keeps them healthy – both, in mind and body.

Are You Looking for a Residential Aged Care Facility in Sydney?

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