Residential Gardens: an exciting Retirement Resort

Residential gardens is 100% committed to offering flexible, personalised and highest level of care to the frail aged community. We are deeply interested in restoring the dignity of these people, making them feel loved and happy despite the frustration that comes with aging.

Aged care is provided by our team to these people in a confidential and amazing manner. This age care services are designed to meet the needs of the Spanish Speaking community. Residential gardens are truly the best, and have been recommended to be the most effective retirement resort for people.

It is fully equipped with residential aged care facilities that will keep the residents glued; we respect, value and appreciate each person’s differences, as well as recognizing their similarities. We are always working to ensure we create an unforgettable bond between them.

We value cultural differences, and we know that constant exposure and contact with frail aged people from different backgrounds will keep on enriching them. To satisfy and build a robust communication with our residents, we make sure that every staff is bilingual.

We try to exceed the expectations of families that entrust to us the care of their parents. Our policies and mode of operation are regularly updated so as to suit the stipulated government legislation and industry standards.

We are encouraging and promoting the highest dignity for the aged community. Here, both the residents and their families are expected to be participating actively. We provide quality care that appeals to all people irrespective of religion, ethnicity, creed or nationality.

Our residents will enjoy all the loving care and services they need to enjoy a fulfilled old age. During the recruitment process, we take time to get the best team; we only employ those that value teamwork, self-motivated, caring, empathetic and who are at least bilingual.