Residential comfortable – Use of sensor flooring

Any technology that can help in making residential comfortable for staff and residents to operate and live in a safe and secure environment is always welcome. There has been a lot of technology advancements lately which are planned to make the stay of your elderly loved one safer, enjoyable and efficient in a residential comfortable facility.

Use of touch screen technology which picks up electric currents that pass through the floor can be used to make floors safer. The ability to track a resident’s movements can also be used to ensure a safe and monitored environment for them without encroaching upon their freedom. Studies have suggested that use of sensor flooring can reduce chances of injuries and give them a sense of safety and freedom.

The use of sensor flooring is part of the Internet of Things which allows information to be collected and collated to design safe spaces for seniors. The sensors can be used on any flooring i.e. wood, tile and carpet and hence ideal for almost all residential comfortable facilities.