Residential Care Facility – Supported Residential Services

Generally private businesses provide residential and care facilities on a fee basis. Although this type of residential care facility is not Commonwealth funded, yet it is monitored by the Government to ensure highest standards of care. The facilities can either accommodate few people or span across large facilities accommodating at least 70 residents.

Residential Care facility is entrusted with the responsibility to provide a safe living environment, healthy meals, administration of medication and respect the rights of every resident. The gamut of services provided by Supported Residential Services includes basic assistance with daily activities along with physical and emotional support to the residents.

The fees, facilities and level of care provided by different Residential Care facility varies, so one needs to choose the one that suits their needs in terms of facilities, budget and level of care. Residential Care Facility should respect resident’s needs, provide a supportive and caring environment, uses best practices and promotes resident’s freedom.