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Support for Residential Aged Care during Coronavirus Restrictions

The chaos of the Coronavirus outbreak is impacting every individual in Australia in some sort of way. Due to the nature of COVID-19 and its severe impact on the elderly, strict regulations have been put into place in regard to supporting Residential aged care in Sydney and NSW during this difficult time.

Some aged Care Facilities across NSW have put measures into their own hands completing banning visitors from entering the facilities at all. Some of these villages such as Residential gardens in Rooty Hill are providing a great level of support during these difficult and confusing times. Facilities across NSW are practicing alternative measures such as providing video calls with loved ones in care so that spirits and contact are kept up between families.

On the 18th of March, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that visits will be restricted to once a day with no more than two visitors at once. Additionally, school groups have been banned all together and the visits are restricted to only 30 minutes a day. However, even with these new regulations provided by the government some Residential aged care facilities in Sydney and NSW are applying a strict visitor ban.

If you have a loved one in residential aged care it is important to keep in frequent contact with them to avoid confusion and stress. Make sure you have a form of communication set up, whether it be through phone, tablet, computer or Laptop. Now is the time to teach them how to answer a video call. If you can set this up and the well-being of your loved one is adequately met you should leave visits to times of urgency and necessity. NSW Retirement Villages will continue to support their patrons more than ever during this outbreak, innovations and remedies are being developed constantly to ensure the safety of everyone both mentally and physically. Please bear with us as we cater to the needs of the many people involved and please don’t be afraid to contact us at regarding any issue.