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Aged Care Nursing Homes – Know about the Admission Process

The moment you feel that your loved one needs to move into an ag ed care nursing home, you need to start looking for the best nursing home with all facilities and infrastructure which can guarantee the best possible care and support. Aged Care Nursing Homes are committed to provide the highest standards of excellence in holistic care. At Residential Gardens, our focus lies in providing personal attention are care for every resident. We work together on a philosophy centred on bringing residents belonging to culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds together.

There are definite steps to be followed as part of the admission process for moving into aged care nursing homes:

  • Assess your eligibility using the Aged Care Assessment Team or ACAT assessment which provides advice and assistance to older people having difficulty living at home. The ACAT assessment decides whether a person is eligible to move into aged care nursing homes and also decides on the level of aged care i.e. high or low care, permanent or respite care etc.
  • Selection of the best aged care nursing home: It is important to choose aged care nursing homes that meet your priorities, lifestyle and care needs. You can carry a checklist when you visit aged care nursing homes and look for things that are important for your loved ones.
  • Working out the cost: While definitely there will be government funding, the expectation is that people who can afford should contribute to the cost. Basically the cost can be bifurcated as daily care fees and accommodation fees.
  • The Application needs to be approved by the ACAT before you can secure a place in any one of the aged care nursing homes. The ACAT assessment provides detailed information about your needs and preferences to the aged care nursing homes.
  • Moving into the facility: The residential care facility provides all basic facilities and also encourages individuals to pursue their individual interests. The basic idea is to make the facility a lively place which can ensure health and wellbeing for all residents.