Residential Aged Care – Preparing for the Transition

Moving into a residential aged care is definitely a major life decision. As we age, there might be a need for significant levels of support which may not be provided at home and require a move to a residential aged care facility. This transition will have an enormous impact on the lifestyle both physically and emotionally. It is really important to consider all the factors before making a move into a residential aged care facility. There are different levels of care provided at any residential aged care facility and it is important to understand the different types of care which suits your requirement.
There are often visible signs that a residential aged care facility needs to be considered for your elderly family member. This may include significant mobility issues; sleep disorder, issues with diet, challenging behaviour, depression or heightened anxiety levels, severe communication problems, poor hygiene, loneliness and many more. When you notice any one of the above mentioned signs, it needs you to seriously consider a transition to a residential aged care facility. Residential aged care facilities are available across Australia for older people who need special attention and extra care. The facilities will provide long term accommodation and personal care along with nursing facilities.
Broadly classified, there are two different levels of care provided at any residential aged care facility i.e. high level care and low level care. Low level care generally provides accommodation and personal care whereas High level care provides facilities that include continuous nursing care for elderly people with greater degree of frailty. Respite care facilities are provided for short term care. Retirement villages offer wide array of services for elderly residents. In order to check eligibility for residential aged care facilities, you need to contact an Aged Care Assessment. ACATs provide your with relevant information and also helps you to prepare the elderly family member for the transition to the residential aged care facility.