Residential Aged care Sydney – Respite Care

Care Respite South West is the short term care available to a person and their caregiver. This program helps carers to take part in social activities or, go on holidays while the elderly loved one receiving care is looked after. Residential aged care Sydney offers independent living facilities exclusively for adults aged 55 and over.

Independent age care facilities are aimed at adults who need little or no assistance with activities of daily living. They are also known as Retirement communities, Senior housing, Retirement homes, Congregate care, and active adult communities.

Care Respite South West can be offered at home or, in facilities like day centre, club or overnight respite cottage. In a nursing home, respite care is available for around 63 days every year. The short term care can be also offered if someone have been in hospital and needs more support during recuperation. The costs of care respite varies depending on the help needed and individual circumstances

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