Residential Aged Care Sydney – Red Flags That Means it’s Time To Move A Family Member in

Placing a loved one into an aged care facility can be one of the most emotionally investing things you do in your life.  For most of us it isn’t possible to have the loved one cared for in their home 24/7 and it isn’t ideal to move them into your home. So Residential aged care becomes the only solution, you might delay this move for emotional reasons or physical reasons. However, there are a many signs which should let you know that it is time to take the next step. There are a number of Residential aged care facilities in Sydney which work with guardians to make the process and transition as smooth as can possibly be so that it is not as emotionally damaging the parties involved.

Time can be cruel and obviously it can take a toll on the physical and mental side of humans. So much so that them just being in their own homes without the support they need is exhausting and damaging. Firstly, you might notice your loved one start to struggle for air when moving around the house and because of this mobility decreases significantly; activities which previously were the simplest can become exhausting for the person. A more obvious indicator can be a lack of self-hygiene/care, when you start to notice the person isn’t washing their hair/teeth/body as much as they used to or even avoiding using the lavatory due to fatigue then you should seriously consider moving them into Residential aged care in Sydney. All these physical disabilities can impact the mental side of a person significantly; not being able to do the things you used to enjoy is saddening and can definitely lower a person’s state of mind. For this reason note when your loved one is not being as social as he/she used to be, this is a key sign of depression and is something that should be addressed immediately. Additionally take note to the things that are confusing the person, if simple decisions become increasingly difficult to make then this is also an indicator that is time to move the individual into residential aged care in Sydney. The final mental and physical indicator is a messy home, of course, if it’s difficult to move than it’s difficult to clean. And if motivation is hard to come by then so is cleaning. Please don’t allow this to continue as only more issues arise when these red flags are ignored.

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