Residential Aged Care – Promising a Better Life for the Elderly

With the luxury and comfort of a residential home, residential aged care facilities caters to the lifestyle, clinical and care needs of the elderly. Residential Aged care includes high standards of accommodation and increased activities, entertainment and palatable food choices. Residential Gardens is committed to provide state of the art Residential Aged Care facilities. With more than 10 years of benevolent and dedicated service, Residential Gardens has established itself as the only Spanish specific residential aged care facility in Australia providing top notch quality accommodation and highest level of care and nursing for all its residents.

Beautifully built, the facility boasts of a spectacular courtyard and building architecture. The private rooms are spacious, climate controlled, beautifully designed and the decor is upscale and lavish. The large windows allow the residents to breathe freely giving a sense of rejuvenated life and freedom. The entire facility is designed with a common vision to provide the best care facilities for the elderly. Our staff is always available to assist residents with their religious, personal and cultural customs. Moreover the vast range of leisure activities are tailored to encourage participation from all our residents.
All of our aged residents are provided with the highest quality Residential aged care facilities where we respect everyone’s identity and also serve to maintain their wellness. We understand that it is always a tough decision and the expectations are huge when you leave your loved ones at our residential care facility. We are truly committed to provide nothing but the best. Our aged care services are comprehensive and provides high quality residential aged care facilities in a safe and caring environment. We actively encourage feedback from all residents, relatives and staff members so that we can work hard and provide improved care and better service.