Residential aged care facilities – Residential Care Communities

There are different categories of residential care communities offering residential aged care facilities. However, one can broadly classify them under four major categories which includes Independent Living facilities, Assisted Living facilities, Skilled Nursing homes and Retirement communities.

Independent living facilities provide residential aged care facilities for single family homes that offers security and social activities without providing any health care facilities. Common residential aged care facilities provided at such living units includes laundry, meals, transportation and social activities. They are also known as Senior housing facilities.
Assisted Living facilities provide assistance with daily activities that also includes basic health services, social activities and assistance with bathing, meals, dressing etc. However, there are no specialized nursing care provided with this type of residential aged care facilities. These type of communities offer 24 hour assistance with daily activities but not medical assistance. They are also known as the Adult living facilities, Residential Care Facilities, Personal care homes, Eldercare facilities etc.
Skilled nursing homes provide round the clock medical assistance by licensed healthcare professionals along with social activities and housekeeping facilities. This type of residential aged care facilities includes various services that includes medical condition specific care, Medication assistance, Social activities, Transportation, Meals, Security and emergency calls etc.
Residential units which provide a campus like community to enable seniors with progressively declining health conditions to enjoy their independence and dignity with a piece of mind are known as Life care communities or Life care facilities.