Residential aged care facilities – Helping continence management

Incontinence is a common health problem which is most common amongst older people. Often a very simple lifestyle change or medical treatment can help in curing or improving the condition. Residential aged care facilities helps in continence management through medication and care thereby ensuring that the residents can lead an independent and happy retirement life.
Poor bladder control can be extremely distressing and embarrassing. There are various causes of incontinence and different treatments which are administered in residential aged care facilities. Men are more vulnerable to poor bladder control due to prostate issues.
It is very important to seek help from your doctor or nurse to identify the cause of your bladder problem. Continence nurse advisers can provide the right medication which can treat the reason behind incontinence. Residential aged care facilities are committed to prevent, treat and promote wellness and independence. The treatments are part of your daily care plan which play a vital role in ensuring a high quality life.