Residential aged care facilities – Different Types of Dementia

Challenges in life like loss of memory or dementia can trigger a shift in priorities, perceptions and relationship with others. There are certain types of dementia which can be treated if diagnosed well in time, which makes it extremely important to understand the different types, their symptoms and causes. One needs to avail residential aged care facilities to ensure highest standards of care for their loved ones.

Common signs of dementia include loss of memory, impaired judging abilities, loss of communication skills, hallucinations, balance problems, faulty reasoning etc. A few behavioural changes would be that the person neglects personal safety and hygiene, unable to follow directions, asks the same questions again and again, difficulties with routine tasks etc.
The staff at residential aged care facilities need to monitor any changes in behaviour and consult a physician for proper medication. There are different types of dementia which includes Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, mixed dementia, Parkinson’s dementia, Huntington’s disease, Pick’s disease etc.