Residential aged care facilities – A positive living programme

Residential aged care facilities should always be flexible to create and offer a positive living programme which can guarantee the highest standards of care and assistance. Supported by multidisciplinary and vastly experienced staff who provide age care services for residents, the residential aged care facilities provides customized care as per the needs of the resident. Residential Gardens has grown to become the largest and most respected home to provide residential aged care facilities. We strive to provide a friendly, relaxed lifestyle in a safe and secure environment. We provide an easy access to high standards of accommodation, top notch quality medical services, and virtually endless recreational opportunities.
Residential Gardens operates residential aged care facilities to provide care facilities and provide its residents with a luxurious experience. Our primary focus has always been superior health care facilities along with creating a spirit of care and a tradition of excellence. There is always on offer horde of services and myriad activities for residents. Depending on the level of care required for the elderly resident, they will be provided with either low care facilities otherwise known as hostel facilities for those who need assistance with daily living or High care facility i.e. nursing homes for those who require specialized medical care on top of personal care round the clock.

In order to avail residential age care facilities you must first be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). There are residential aged care facilities which provide both low care and high care facilities. Our focus is on personalized care to provide the best lifestyle and wellness for each resident. Most of the residential aged care facilities also provide planned or emergency respite care services. We are committed to provide all our residents with the best care, assistance and attention possible.