Residential aged care facilities – Various Types of care services

Residential aged care facilities are required when one grows old and therefore no longer able to live independently without significant levels of support for daily activities. Changing the place of residence is a big decision which definitely affects the lifestyle, financial planning, and pension entitlements. It is also important to understand the different types of care services provided at residential aged care facilities.
Residential aged care facilities provide high quality accommodation, and complete living support along with necessary nursing assistance. The various basic services provided in residential aged care facilities include On call staff for any medical assistance, cleaning services and laundry, meals, bedding and maintenance of buildings. For additional services and a personalized approach, there may be other costs associated as per the service provided. For different levels of care, they can put together the daily requirement and change the plan as per need.
Once a resident moves into residential aged care facility, the staff will do an initial assessment of their daily needs and suggest a specific care plan for the resident. This plan is monitored and changed as per the requirement of the resident. Depending on the medical condition of the resident, the facilities provided at the residential aged care facilities are changed.