Residential Aged Care – Advance Care Directives

Mostly everyone have clear preferences with regard to end of life care, however not necessarily it happens in practice. Hence, Advance Care Directives is a way which allows people to plan ahead by allowing a systematic approach to decision making.

Once there is a need for Residential Aged Care, the Advance care directives become even more important. Appropriate transfer of information between various healthcare providers must be implemented by residential aged care facilities. Advance care planning allows one to plan for future health and personal needs in case one is unable to communicate or, make decisions.

The Advance Care Directives can record directions about care and treatment, a person’s values, life goals and appointment of a substitute decision maker. All residential aged care facilities are different and offer a wide range of care, services and social activities to suit your needs and preferences. It is recommended to develop a list of services needed along with social, physical and spiritual needs before choosing a residential aged care facility.

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