Reheating Food Prepared Outside the Facility

Many age care facilities have similar rules with regard to visitors bringing food prepared outside the facility. However, there are also some rules where they differ like when it comes to reheating food brought in by visitors. For instance, in some facilities, the staff will be more than happy to reheat the food for you.

In other facilities though, the staff are not allowed to handle the food and the only thing they can do for you is to point you to where the microwave oven (or whatever appliance is necessary to reheat the food) is and provide assistance in its operation. If you are not sure which rules apply to the particular facility you’re visiting, talk to the staff by telling them that you’ll be bringing food to your friend or relative and ask them about the best way to reheat the meal you’re about to bring.

Regardless of who’s reheating the food, whether that be you or the staff at the aged care nursing homes, the same principles for food reheating safety should be applied. One such rule is that the food should be heated to a minimum of seventy-five degrees Celsius. This temperature is high enough to ensure that any germs or bacteria in the food is properly eliminated or at least reduced to a level that will make the food safe for consumption.

Another rule is that if the food is to be reheated in a microwave, one must make sure that the food is heated evenly. In many cases, food that is reheated in microwave ovens does not heat evenly due to various factors. For one, the thicker portions of the food may take longer to heat up than the thinnest portions. Also, the moisture content of the food will have an effect on how uniformly the food will be heated.

In any case, when food is not heated uniformly, germs and bacteria may survive the heating process especially those that are in the poorly heated sections of the food. To solve the problem of uneven heating, make sure that the food is evenly spread throughout the container, and always follow the microwave manufacturer’s recommended heating time. In addition, reheat food only once and consume them right away afterwards. If there are any leftovers, talk to the staff at the residential aged care facilities and ask them about options for storing such food.

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