Preparing Food to Bring to Aged Care Facilities

As people age, there are certain kinds of foods that aren’t safe for them to consume. This is especially true for our elderlies whose illnesses or age prevents them from eating foods high in cholesterol or have high sugar content. But aside from that, we must remember that older people have weaker immune systems, which means that they will be prone to developing health issues if they ingest food that has germs and bacteria. This is one reason why facilities offering aged care in Sydney are strict with foods that visitors bring to the facility.

That said, before you start buying food to bring to the facility, talk to the staff first (or a doctor at the residential aged care facility who knows your friend or relative’s health condition) and ask if there are any specific dietary requirements or restrictions that you may be unaware of. This will help to make sure that you’re not bringing your loved ones food that may cause potential harm.

Once you already know what foods to bring and what not to the age care facility, it’s time to prepare it. Proper preparation is crucial since this will have an impact on how clean and safe the food will be. Obviously, before preparing any food at home, you should always wash your hands thoroughly and ensure that your equipment is clean. If you are chilling or freezing food that you have just cooked, it is important to cool the food as quickly as possible. In addition, experts recommend that you divide the food into smaller portions and place the portions into a refrigerator or freezer once they have stopped steaming.

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