Personal Care / Custodial Care

This particular service includes helping seniors with daily, personal activities such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and others. Clients can choose to have their personal care aides or home care aides stay with them for a few hours a day or have them stay in-house, and the choice will most likely be influenced by how much care (i.e. high care vs. low care) and attention the client requires.

Household Maintenance

For most seniors, even the most mundane of household task can be a burden. Simple tasks are much harder to do because of their age, and a little help with household upkeep will definitely go a long way. One of the services included by most aged care service provider in their Home Care plans is household upkeep or maintenance. The aides will help with maintaining the cleanliness of the house, which includes sweeping or mopping the floors. Aside from that, they can also help you with your laundry, and fold them and keep them in their respective locations. If you have a garden or lawn, they can also help you keep them in excellent condition by watering your plants and flowers or clearing away fallen leaves and other debris. Of course, there will be some household maintenance that will be beyond the capacities of most aides like plumbing or electricity, in which case the aide can call up a professional to take a look and fix what needs fixing.

Aside from those things, aides can also help you with your weekly groceries or shopping. They can go to the supermarket themselves and get you what you need on your behalf. If the senior is still capable, then the aide can go with the senior and assist them with their shopping.

Medical Care

Many seniors suffer from some form of illness or medical condition, and will therefore need the assistance of aides or medical professionals. Home Care plans offered by aged care service providers can include the services of trained medical professionals like occupational therapists, social workers or even nurses. Just make sure to check with your insurance company to learn more about what kind of coverage is available.

Some seniors also have trouble keeping track of their medications, and this can lead to the senior forgetting to take their medications at the proper time. When you get Home Care Services, you will have an aide who will always be there to remind the seniors to take their medications and keep record.