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  • Relatives Meeting— We would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting.
  • Message from Mariela—Bookkeeper— New Bank for all accounts—COMMONWEALTH. No cash kept in premises.
  • Identification of Clothing— Having all resident’s clothed tagged with their names, makes the system of laundering clothes much easier for all concerned. Any further queries, please speak to administration staff.
  • Visiting Hours— Fall has started and so it is time to change our visiting hours. From now on visiting hours will be on from 9:30am to 6:30pm. Relatives are asked to inform staff if bringing back resident after 7:00pm.
  • Residents Birthdays—In March Celedonio Rodriguez, Maximo Sotto, Antonia Serrano, Antonio Iglesias, Ruth Lopez, Rosa Salinas. In April, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Pilar Sanchez, Pompeya Gorritti, Delia Socas, Juan Vazquez, Teresa McCallum, Aramis Miller, Maria Paz Cifuentes, Hector Tarella, Margarita Quintana. In May, Alejandro Rodriguez, Lisandro Arango, Maria de Cuenca, Luis Verdi, Juan Carlos Peregalli, Domingo Jerez, Eulogia Montano. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Activities of the Month— This month, residents have gathered together to complete Easter decorations!
  • Residential Gardens would like to congratulate all the mothers for their dedication, hard and amazing work. Happy Mothers Day!
  • Welcome:
    BlissCare Physio—Pain Massage
    Dietician—Veronica Londoño
    Capital Guardians.