New Age Care Restrictions and How to Stay Connected

Despite the recent festivities, residents of residential aged care facilities Rooty Hill have needed to remain mostly isolated as they are most vulnerable to COVID-19. This can have many negative impacts on the mental health of residents. It is more important than ever to stay connected to elderly relatives in age care after the long and tough previous year. Fortunately, modern technology makes it easy to keep in touch with a range of online tools.

The current restrictions for age care depend on the location of the facility. Residential aged care facilities in the northern zone of the northern beaches, Wollongong, Cumberland, and Canterbury regions cannot accept any visitors and should avoid residents leaving the facility. Other regions such as residential aged care facilities Rooty Hill can accept up to 2 visitors per resident each day, as long as they do not reside in these regions and they must wear masks. There are also restrictions on allowing visitors who have been to the greater Brisbane area since January 2nd.  

While some visitation is allowed to occur at residential aged care facilities Rooty Hill it still does pose a risk to health and safety. This often is not enough for age care residents to stay connected to their families. Although phone conversations can allow families to talk seeing faces and body language are vital to remaining socially active during a time of isolation. Video conferencing makes this possible, with many free tools available to stay connected. They are easy to use for residential aged care facilities Rooty Hill with some assistance. Another way to stay connected is with online versions of family favourite games such as chess, monopoly and various card games.