Never Feel Guilty about Moving Your Parents in Aged Care Nursing Homes

Many children often feel guilty about moving their aging parents into nursing homes. This feeling is brought about by a variety of other emotions like feeling inadequate about taking care of aging parents. Sometimes, this feeling of guilt can also be brought about by the feeling that we’re an ungrateful child for not personally taking care of our parents. If you’re suffering from guilt about moving your parents into aged care nursing homes, don’t be.

It may provide you with some comfort knowing that you’re not the first (nor will you be the last) person to go through this kind of dilemma. The decision to do move their parents to a nursing home is never easy for a great majority of people. This is especially true in places where relocating aging parents into nursing homes has never been an acceptable practice. People living in such societies are afraid of breaking the tradition, and doing so only leads to feelings of guilt.

However, there really isn’t anything wrong with moving our parents into nursing homes, and it may in fact be the best decision for everyone involved.

Some people think that they can take better care of their aging parents when they’re living in the same house. This may be true in some cases, but more often than not it becomes detrimental to both parents and children. This is because the children will now have to divide their time between their careers and caring for their parents. Some children may be able to cope with this, but unfortunately not everyone can.

The end result? The children feel overwhelmed in balancing their professional and personal responsibilities. They end up having to sacrifice one for the other, or do a poor job of doing both. Then their stress levels go up, which makes them do an even poorer job of taking care of their parents.

The parents also suffer in such situations, often being at the receiving end of their overly stressed children’s frustrations. Of course, not all children will verbally assault their parents, but parents can feel such things even if their children say nothing. And this will also make them feel guilty, thinking they’re being a burden to their children.

Sadly, in wanting to take better care of our parents, we actually made their situations worse.

This is perhaps one of the best reasons why relocating our parents to facilities offering aged care in south west (or wherever it is your plan to move your parents into) is in the best interest of both children and parents. The children can focus on their careers and personal life while visiting and spending time with their parents. They will also have peace of mind knowing that all their parent’s needs are attended to by professional caregivers. There’s nothing to feel guilty about at this point because we know that we are actually providing the best care for our parents by ensuring that somebody is looking after their needs 24/7, something we can’t do while we’re at work.

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